22/2/12: Blue Sky Days

 360° view from the Prarion, Les Houches, this week

Well, the French Holidays have shifted slightly - now it's Parisian accents on the slopes talking about how much they love skiing in "Chamon-eex".

It is pretty good right now. The weather's great and we've had some snow over the last 24hrs that has softened things up a bit. That said, the sun is getting higher day by day, climbing in the sky and becoming stronger as we inch gently forward into summer. More sun means melting snow, and melting snow means refreezing snow, which means hard, crusty snow.

The way to get the soft stuff right now is to stick to higher altitudes (over 1800m), sheltered aspects in the shade. There's plenty to do there; in the sun the pistes are nice and smooth but very busy. It's the holidays; what do you expect...

Anyway, here's a couple of shots from today and Saturday:

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  1. wow look amazing, much better than here in Scotland :L



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