31/12/11: Deepcember

On days like this, you need skis like this. http://www.dupraz-skis.com/

It's been snowing straight through last night, yesterday and the night before last. There was 25cm in Les Houches yesterday, and another 30cm today. But it's up the mountain that things are really deep, and really, really good.

Grands Montets opened late yesterday and we headed up to check out how it looked. I was expecting to see a rammed carpark and heavy liftline congestion, but because of the fog and snow there was hardly anyone about. Straight up to Plan Joran, straight up the Tabé and into the Magic Forest. Honestly, I've never ever seen snow that deep in this place. I was skiing with a guy who's 175cm and I swear that he completely disappeared after he went off one pillow. Just a helmet left sticking out of the snow, and his fat skis swimming up to the surface.

Whilst conditions were safeish when we arrived at 1pm, they changed quite rapidly while we were there. NE aspects seemed to be particularly loaded with slab, and the early-afternoon warming caused us to think again of skiing some of the big low couloirs. The snow was becoming denser and slidey-er in the warmth.

On the piste you'll find soft, humid mashed-potato type snow on top of a hardish, icey base a couple of inches down. There's good skiing everywhere, just stick to the rules; start & finish early, stay high and ski pistes bordered by rocks and trees when it's foggy.

Right, I'm off to Chambre Neuf...hopefully the rainline is going to be lower than forecast...Happy New Year!


  1. Itd good to know that the snow is falling, we were lucky last season and headed out on new year. We will be out on the 20th jan this time, know any good spots for off piste novices on the grande montets ? Cheers dave

  2. anywher eoff the side of the pierre a ric, lavancher bowl, gullies under the tabé chair, enjoy & bon ski!

  3. Looking good , I've got my stag do on the 25th feb for a week and 1st time in Cham - can't wait long may the snow continue


  4. a-men to that! you're going to have a brilliant time. 2012: The Year To Come To Cham


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