22/12/11: The Heat Is On (Literally)

Well, there's good news and bad news.

  • It's snowed a ton over the last week
  • It's going to snow again at the weekend

  • Skyrocketing temperatures turning fluff to crud
  • Plenty of people around to track things out

Like a pay-per-view hotel channel preview, the snow has given us some lovely moments but ended too early and left us wanting more.

I'm talking about the temperatures. It was WARM out today...not warm enough to get the Aussie seasonnaires into boardshorts, but warm enough to melt the top layer of the way-deep pow and refreeze the top 2cm into a kind of zippy, semistiff crust.

Here is your no-bull snow report for today. Lumpy pistes and bumpy tracked pow. The fresh stuff feels like a bag of flour that's been in a steamy shower room for a couple of hours.

Basically - and you don't want to hear this - the last week of snowfall is over. The warming at altitude means that the only good stuff left will be over 3000m out of the sun. I think you know where I'm talking about, and hopefully they'll open that this weekend. Clue - if you don't, it's at Grands Montets and an anagram of POT.

Snow stability felt a bit more iffy with the warming today, and it was like a huge influx of people had turned up at Chamonix's resorts. I needed to pull out every trick in the book to find my untouched powder lines...it's still out there, but with that devil-crust on top of it.

Looks like the epicness is over, and all I have to show for it is a ton of deep trenches, a couple of iPhone photos and a stiff neck. Let's hope the snow this weekend delivers...

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